I was heading back home from a camping trip when I found myself passing through the neighborhood of a close friend. It had been awhile since we last caught up in person, and it was nice to visit him in his neck of the woods. Keith and I initially met through our shared passion for cars, and it’s been pure joy to see him progress through all of his projects and accomplishments. His most recent project is a Datsun 240Z which he had spent the last several years restoring. The story of this car is a good one that I plan to document and tell at a later date, but there was no way I was leaving without taking a couple photos. As the temperatures began to cool down, Keith invited me to go for the Datsun’s first drive on public roads. I knew how much this meant to him, after all the energy and history behind this car. After warming the engine in the driveway, we secured our harnesses, and took off towards downtown. The screaming inline-6 provided all the music we needed and the tuned suspension felt like we were driving a race car on the streets. The period-correct interior mixed with the smell of fuel brought all sorts of nostalgia to our senses. There’s no doubt that this car will remain a classic for years to come. Keith has always maintained a high standard with all the vehicles he’s owned, and this is his best work yet. I look forward to giving this car the spotlight it deserves soon.