What do the words Asian, Mexican, and Islander all have in common? If you ever get to stop by MJ’s Deli, then you will surely find out in the most delicious way. It’s those exact three words that Head Chef Kevin uses to describe the types of food on the menu.

First things first, I gotta give credit to my girlfriend for surprising me with this restaurant.


When you first walk through the doors, you’re greeted with soda’s and candies that aren’t typically sold at the local grocery store. Past the counter and you’ll see several yogurt machines with delicious flavors to choose from.


To order, simply pick the style of food that you like, and what type of fusion flavor you would like to have cooked inside of it. Food styles range from street tacos, to burritos, salads, rice bowls, and fries. The flavor portion is where things get exciting. Chose from apple and pear glazed beef, to citrus soy beef-steak, barbecue herb chicken, and sweet & spicy longanisa. The list goes on.


On this visit, I had the sliders prepared with the citrus soy beef-steak.


- set of [2] soft pan de sal bread / fried eggs

Citrus soy beef-steak:

- slow cooked beef/caramelized onions/sesame seeds/cream cheese sauce/ asian cabbage slaw / green onions


To accompany my meal, I washed down my sliders with some King Car Lemon Tea.


The sliders were tasty. There’s nothing like traditional Filipino pan de sal for slider buns.


For dessert, I sampled their creamy avocado yogurt. Very delicious and is claimed to be their most popular flavor.


MJ’s even has funnel cakes. This place has everything.

If you’re big on fusion food like I am, MJ’s Deli is well worth paying a visit.