For the longest time, it seemed as though the cool winter season would never reach San Diego. Temperatures were still in the high eighties, with the sun beaming down in full force. Spending all nighters at school really messed with my internal clock and before I knew it, it was December.

During this time of year, San Diego hosts an annual event called December Nights held at Balboa Park. My girlfriend and I had never been before and we were curious to see what it was about. As we approached the venue, we found ourselves stuck in very heavy traffic. We began to wonder what all the commotion was about. After walking nearly two miles from where we parked our car, we finally reached the park. We began our night at the fountain where we were immersed in a sea of people. We worked our way through the park and admired all the Christmas festivities occured around us. In addition to the entertainment, there was wide variety of exotic foods from countries around the world. It was a great night, and December Nights was the perfect way to welcome the winter season.